We provide wireless network installations throughout the UK and our staff have many years’ experience and expertise in installing, maintaining and supporting indoor and outdoor wireless networks.

We provide site wide and hotspot Wi-Fi solutions, wired network infrastructure and support services designed to make the operation of your business simpler and more cost effective.

We help you to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that the deployment, on-going management and support is being provided by experts with in depth knowledge of the technology and how best to take advantage of it.


Experience is everything as there are factors that affect the location and quantity of wireless equipment needed, such as the topographical location of the site and the location of existing buildings and infrastructure. We need to consider the fabric of the building, whether the site is on a gradient or whether there are trees located throughout the site. We communicate with you throughout the process and will discuss every aspect of our solution.

Your Wi-Fi Log On page can be customised to deliver your brand and help you get closer to your customers. Whether you intend to charge for Internet access or provide it as a free service, don’t miss out on the marketing opportunity Wi-Fi provides.


Although our experience and expertise ensures that the Wi-Fi network is robust, works well and requires little management on your part, we provide full support for the Wi-Fi network.

Our support service is designed to take away the hassle of running a complex IT network and this extends to looking after your customers as well. We provide a UK based helpdesk telephone service enabling your customers to contact us rather than trouble you or your staff if they are having problems connecting to the Wi-Fi service.

Our Guest Management System (GMS) forms part of the overall solution. The GMS automatically monitors the time allocated to each username or time-code and suspends the account when all the time purchased is used up or has expired. The GMS prevents users that are not authorised from accessing the wireless network by using Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA). The GMS ensures that your network can only be accessed by guests and assists with the 2009 anti-terror legislation, Lawful Intercept,  requiring all organisations providing public internet access to log user name, address and IP address details.

The GMS has also been designed to automatically fit the screen viewing the log on page. Why is this important? The number of devices that may wish to connect to your Wi-Fi network is increasingly varied. We ensure that your customers browsing experience is enhanced by correctly fitting screens and that they can easily find the information they want without excessive scrolling and screen pinching.

Infinium IT can take away the hassle of running your own network by providing full support to you and your customers. For more information on holiday park Wi­Fi and other services, get in touch today.